The 10 Best ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Couples, Ranked


Whether audiences found their way to the show from the books or just being a teen during the 2010s, the CW’s The Vampire Diaries dominated the vampire television genre for eight seasons. Produced by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, the show captivated audiences of all ages with a talented, sexy cast of stars that had fans divided into camps as numerous love triangles sank their teeth into each season.

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TVD still holds its place as a groundbreaking CW series with spinoff shows like The Originals and Legacies. Looking back, Mystic Falls became a matchmaking haven for supernatural creatures. There are too many to count: hookups, flings, and relationships graced the screen, some worth remembering and others worth forgetting. Some relationships even took the series to new heights.

This article contains spoilers for Vampire Diaries.

10) Jeremy & Bonnie

This rocky relationship felt off when Bonnie (Kat Graham) started dating her best friend’s little brother, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen). While there are obvious age differences between all the main character couples (the vampires are over a hundred years old), Jeremy and Bonnie’s relationship felt forced. In the book series, Jeremy doesn’t exist. Instead, Elena (Nina Dobrev) has a little sister Margaret.

Several times throughout their relationship, Jeremy died, Bonnie died, and a few other deaths caused a rift between them. The relationship ranks toward the bottom of TVD’s couples, given the constant weight of Jeremy’s former relationships hanging over them. Bonnie had to compete against the memories and ghosts of Anna (Melise) and Vicki (Kayla Ewell). Paralleling Elena and Matt’s (Zach Roerig) preshow relationship, Bonnie and Jeremy’s relationship was nothing more than a high school romance with supernatural complications.


9) Tyler & Caroline

What started as a supernatural hook-up in Season 3 turned into a daunting back-and-forth relationship for Mystic Falls royalty like Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) and the sheriff’s daughter Caroline Forbes (Candice King). Throughout multiple seasons, Caroline and Tyler rode a roller coaster of a relationship, spending most of it apart given Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) scheming. They walked before running, from high school classmates to supernatural friends dealing with Mystic Fall’s worst and finally becoming lovers. The pair get together in the original book series but take on a more villainous role against Elena.

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Caroline was repeatedly subject to heartbreak at Tyler’s hands, making their relationship one of the necessary evils of the series, but one that doesn’t rate very high amongst other series power couples because of the breakup. Once Klaus ended his vendetta against Tyler, it seemed Caroline and Tyler could have the love she certainly deserved. In the end, Tyler couldn’t choose his love for Caroline over his hatred for Klaus, with the couple calling it quits in Season 5.

8) Alaric & Jenna

The history teacher and the grad student, Jenna (Sara Canning) and Alaric (Matthew Davis), were a lovely pair whose short-lived romance left viewers devastated. The two began dating toward the end of Season 1 and throughout Season 1 until Jenna died during the sun and moon curse-breaking ritual. The impact of her death would resonate with Alaric throughout season three and beyond.

Alaric was much younger in the books and dated Elena’s friend Meredith (the show introduced her character differently, but nonetheless became a love interest for him). For a good portion of their relationship, Jenna was unaware of the supernatural entities plaguing her hometown. Alaric and Jenna were two non-vampire supporting characters that gave audiences a small break from the love triangle of the show’s three leads. For that reason, they deserve a spot for trying to be as normal as possible in a town where normal is hard to come by.

7) Caroline & Matt

Throughout the show’s nine seasons, the two most loyal characters started as a couple in Season 1. After bouncing back from an abusive relationship with Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Caroline and Matt was the down-to-earth couple who had a golden future in Mystic Falls. The two dated for the latter half of the first season and into the second when Caroline becomes a vampire. The two break up early in the second season as Caroline adjusts to her heightened emotions, unable to confide in Matt about her reasons why. Later in the season, they reconcile but break up again after Matt learns she is a vampire.

Had Matt accepted Caroline’s vampirism at that moment (as he was later on as her friend), the couple had real potential to make it, reversing the Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena dynamic. Alas, they remained friends post-breakup, always supporting each other and their supernatural counterparts throughout the future seasons, making them a notable couple in the TVD universe.

6) Alaric & Jo

The Gemini Coven’s in-laws couldn’t keep Alaric from falling in love and dating a doctor again. Alaric and Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) meet in season six while Alaric is still a vampire. Even after learning he is a vampire and watching him overcome it, Jo doesn’t shy away, having her own supernatural baggage. It becomes clear early on in their relationship that she is the love of Alaric’s life, which is solidified after they discover she is pregnant and they get engaged. Her death during their wedding shattered audiences as it appeared Alaric finally found true happiness.

The pair would reunite in the first season of Legacies breaking viewers’ hearts once again. Alaric and Jo run in the middle of the pack for Mystic Falls couples. Their ability to tackle the struggles of each other’s past and the current predicaments plaguing the show demonstrates a true power couple that deserved more time than they got.

5) Stefan & Caroline

While Elena/Katharine kissed most of the male characters on the show, Caroline dated most of them. By the series’ end, she gets married to Stefan. Their deeper friendship began in Season 4 when Caroline became Stefan’s sobriety sponsor, keeping his ripper tendencies at bay. It was evident in Season 5 that Caroline may have had stronger feelings for Stefan when she asked him to stay following Damon and Bonnie’s death and was devastated when he didn’t.

In the show’s final seasons, TVD fans saw two of the main characters finally find each other and find the love that they had been missing throughout the show as Caroline cycled through at least four love interests (Damon, Matt, Tyler, and arguably Klaus) and Stefan losing Elena and revisiting his blasts from the past vampires. Where these two vampires felt lost in the love arena, they found purpose in each other for a short period before the show’s finale and Stefan’s death.

4) Klaus & Caroline

While they never officially dated, their attraction for each other intensified as the series progressed. Klaus, perhaps the show’s best villain besides Katherine, took a liking to Miss Mystic Falls. What started as a ploy to get back at Tyler blossomed into sexual, emotional tension that sparked a whole new team (Klaroline) and a love triangle for fans to ship. Caroline spent multiple seasons begging her boyfriends to stay for her, to love her as she loved him. It was a question that had she asked Klaus, he would have answered in her favor, as he alluded to multiple times.

On her graduation night, Klaus told Caroline he intended to be her last love, which was still possible when the series ended, and Stefan died, widowing her. This couple ranks high among the show’s dozens of love interests because of Caroline’s ability to bring out the best in Klaus, a self-proclaimed monster. He wanted to give her the world if she’d let him, but she couldn’t. Caroline and Klaus reunited in Season 5 of The Originals. The spark was still there, but they still did not end up together.

3) Bonnie & Enzo

Finally, a partner for Bonnie that didn’t require her to babysit, Enzo (Michael Malarkey), was the love Bonnie was looking for and found in an unexpected place. In a complex set of twists and turns from Seasons 6 to 7, Bonnie is hiding out from the Armory, Enzo as her caretaker and line to the outside world. Fans were shocked to see the pair exchange a kiss in a flash-forward in Episode 5 of Season 7. The show would air out how the couple came to be throughout the season.

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Just as passionate and dangerous as Stelena or Delena, Benzo provided each character with a partner who wasn’t afraid to stand up to one another. Much to the disappointment of many viewers, Enzo was killed off during the final season when Stefan, on a ripper-esque bender, kills him to get to Bonnie. While the finally shows Enzo following Bonnie through life from the other side, it remained another heartbreaking loss for her, given that throughout the show, she’d lost family and friends at the hands of vampires. Bonnie and Enzo emulated the epic love that Bonnie had watched her best friends encounter, finally getting to experience it for herself for a brief moment in the show’s final seasons.

2) Elena & Stefan

The first epic love of Elena’s life was Stefan. While heartbreaking on multiple levels, their relationship was an essential chapter in each of their lives. They taught each other how to love and be loved. Katharine’s love for Stefan was muddied by manipulation and her desire to keep Damon as a toy. Stefan was vying for the love of a woman that only cared about herself when it came down to it. Elena was a selfless partner who showed Stefan he was accepted for what he was, and there are partners out there that will support the flaws.

While they ultimately broke up when Elena turned and embraced her new vampiric identity in the beginning episodes of Season 4, Stelena taught both characters the importance of love, loss, and how it molds a person as life goes on. Their final goodbye in the series finale following Stefan’s death brought audiences to their knees as it all started with a girl who met a boy in a high school hallway.

1) Damon & Elena

Do opposites attract? Or do they just bring out the other true nature of the other? Elena’s final choice in Damon settled the age question plaguing the characters since Season 1, when their initial chemistry was undeniable. Damon and Elena are a true power couple bringing out the best in each other. They push each other to new heights, for better and for worse, but grow stronger because of it. Throughout the show, each character’s growth came at the hands of each other and former relationships that prepared them for a lifelong love that they both deserved from each other.

“You want a love that consumes you,” Damon tells her in the Season 3 finale when audiences learn that the pair met for the first time the night her parents died. The two met first before the accident and before Stefan rescued her from the river. In that flashback meeting, the spark is apparent, and Damon’s passion for her when he compels her to forget he was there, but not before he tells her, “I want you to get everything you’re looking for.” And she does, first in Season 4 when Delena fans around the screens watched them unleash the tension that had been building since the beginning, and again in the series finale when they spend their life together before meeting their lost loved ones in the afterlife. For that reason, they are the best TVD couple.

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