Maddie Thomas: Missing girl, 15, may have been abducted, police say


Police are treating the disappearance of a 15-year-old girl as a case of child abduction.

Maddie Thomas was last seen at her foster parents’ home in the Southmead area of Bristol on 26 April when she said she was leaving to go to the shop.

Officers from Somerset and Avon Police said Maddie had a history of going missing and on previous occasions had been found in the company of adult men.

The previous incidents led the force to believe she may have abducted and was likely to be with someone.

Detective Inspector Laura Miller said: “The circumstances of her disappearance are deeply worrying for us; her family and her carers.

Police urge anyone who sees Maddie (pictured) to call 999

(Avon and Somerset Police)

“We have a number of lines of enquiry and while we’ve had great deal of help from the public to date for which we’re incredibly grateful, we still need more.”

“Officers have carried out CCTV enquiries in the Southmead area where Maddie was last seen and posters have also been handed out to local residents by officers going house to house.

“But Maddie could be anywhere in the country and so we really need our appeal to be shared and reported on as widely as possible.”

She added: “Maddie is a child in foster care, no one has permission to keep her from her carers. She is vulnerable and at risk of being taken advantage of.”

Maddie is described as being 5ft tall and of average build with shoulder length brown hair. She is said to be very active on social media, though she changes her accounts frequently.

Police have asked that anyone who sees Maddie call 999 and anyone who anyone who speaks to her or sees her online to call 101.


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