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Even heading into his 70s, Liam Neeson continues to be one of the most dominating and prolific forces in the action genre. Ever since Neeson used his particular set of skills to save his daughter from human traffickers in Taken, he’s been starring in action flicks every year and continuing to kick ass. Sure, a good chunk of Neeson’s action stints often see him embark on the same kind of path of vengeance or straight-up revenge and generally hit the same story and action beats, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive to see Neeson be a modern action hero.

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Neeson teamed up with Casino Royale director Martin Campbell for a new action flick called Memory. The film sees Neeson plays an expert assassin suffering from severe memory loss who ends up on the run after refusing to complete a job. Neeson’s action career looks far from over, so before he heads on another warpath of vengeance, it’s a good time to rank his action efforts with the help of review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

‘Blacklight’ — 8%

Although most might not remember it hitting theaters earlier this year, Neeson’s other 2022 action flick Blacklight was apparently not worth seeing.

While the fan score for the conspiracy thriller sits at a very high 82% approval rate, critics were far from being as pleased with it as the consensus features some straightforward and hilariously harsh advice for viewers, “turn it off.”


‘Taken 3’ — 13%

*Available on Prime Video

The final entry in Neeson’s most prolific action franchise didn’t really please anyone, especially critics, making it one of the actor’s least-liked action movies.

Taken 3 was labeled as having “toothless PG-13 violence” and a terrible plot that saw Neeson as Bryan Mills trying to clear his name. More importantly, though, Taken 3 was so disliked that many called for the franchise to retire, and it looks like it did just that.

‘Taken 2’ — 22%

*Available on Hulu, HBO Max, and Prime Video

Taken 3′s predecessor didn’t fare much better with critics and fans, as many were unimpressed by the sequel.

While it was undoubtedly enjoyable to see Neeson return as Bryan Mills, many felt Taken 2 lacked the same spark and surprise as the original and basically delivered subpar thrills and action, making for an unmemorable sequel.

‘Memory’ — 33%

Reviews are still pouring in for Neeson’s latest action stint, but they’re not looking all that promising.

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Currently, Memory sits at a pretty dismal 33% approval rating from critics, with many calling it a lackluster effort from Neeson and Campbell that sadly fits with the stretch of mediocre action flicks Neeson has been starring in over the last couple of years.

‘The Marksman’ — 39%

*Available on Paramount+, Prime Video

Last year, Neeson starred in a western-styled action flick that saw him go full hero mode in bringing a young kid to safety, but most weren’t impressed.

While many felt Neeson elevated The Marksman, his presence wasn’t enough for most to look past its overly formulaic feel making it a forgettable action flick.

Honest Thief – 39%

*Available on Prime Video

There was actually a lot of hope people saw with Honest Thief as it seemed right up Neeson’s alley and featured a more widely known cast than most of Neeson’s other action movies.

However, critics were ultimately disappointed by its fragile story that squanders its fun potential of seeing Neeson as a professional bank robber who goes toe to toe with two corrupt FBI agents. Fans seem to have a different opinion, though, as Honest Thief has an 87% approval rating from fans, so maybe it’s still worth checking out.

‘The A-Team’49%

*Available on Peacock, Prime Video

While most of Neeson’s action flicks have been original films, there’s no reason to forget about his starring role in the star-studded 2010 A-Team movie that wasn’t exactly beloved by everyone.

While no one could complain about Neeson being chosen to play team leader Hannibal because it’s perfect, many felt the film’s blockbuster approach strayed too far away from the tone of its source material, leading to a generic adaptation.

‘The Commuter’ — 55%

Perhaps getting lost in the shuffle of Neeson’s action filmography, some might not remember The Commuter, but based on its reception, that’s not too surprising.

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While The Commuter featured a solid cast alongside Neeson, starring as a man who gets entangled in a criminal conspiracy on a moving train, both critics and fans felt the film lacked an excellent script causing some to feel it wasn’t worth a “full-price ticket.”

‘Taken’ — 59%

Believe it or not, the film that launched Neeson’s action success wasn’t a massive hit with critics, as some called it brainless.

Fans don’t feel the same way, though as they not only gave it a high 85% approval rating and made Taken into a box-office hit that spawned an entire franchise and a new legacy for Neeson’s career.

‘Non-Stop’ — 62%

One of the more high-profile action stints for Neeson, Non-Stop featured a solid supporting cast with the likes of Julianne Moore, Lupita Nyong’o, Corey Stoll, and Michelle Dockery alongside Neeson as a determined Air Marshall.

However, while many felt there were plenty of thrills and great potential with Non-Stop, many thought it missed the mark with its contrived story and misuse of its well-known cast.

‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’ — 68%

*Available on Netflix

In A Walk Among the Tombstones, Neeson’s role is vastly darker and grittier than most of his other roles, a quality that many liked.

The film may have struggled to rise above its dark crime thriller genre clichés in many people’s eyes, but most see it as one of Neeson’s more unique action films with its tone and Neeson’s performance as a private detective with a shifting morality receiving some note-worthy praise.

‘Cold Pursuit’ — 68%

While Neeson’s role in Hans Petter Moland’s remake of his 2014 Norwegian film wasn’t as action-heavy, many praised Cold Pursuit’s balance of dark humor and seriously ice-cold revenge.

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Cold Pursuit initially plays like a standard Neeson action flick as it sees him as a snowplow driver seeking revenge for his son’s death but evolves into something more with its dark hilarity and chilling action making for a one of a kind Neeson action flick.

‘The Grey’ — 79%

It’s official! The Grey can be rightfully crowned as Neeson’s most beloved action movie, and it is totally deserved.

Although Taken may have been a bigger hit with wider audiences, true Neeson fans know that The Grey is the ultimate action flick for the actor. Both critics and fans continually praise The Grey for sticking Neeson in a frigid survival tale that sees him go to gruesome lengths to survive against harsh elements and even fearsome wolves.

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